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About Us

Transvigorate.com and the Transvigoration Membership were created through a partnership between Epoch Invigoration and C3 Dynamic Solutions. The goal is to create and deliver high-impact training and motivational materials to help you transform your life and reach levels of success you've only dreamed of!

Who is Kurt Francis?

Kurt Francis is the Chief Invigorator at Epoch Invigoration. He is a best selling author, award winning speaker, a life and a transformation coach who is inspirational, invigorating, humorous, and optimistic. 
Kurt has helped over 11,000 people transform their lives in USA, UK, Argentina, Brazil and South Africa. As he has shared his proven strategies, he has witnessed thousands of others to achieve success. He is the co-founder of My Epoch Challenge, My Epoch Wealth and My Epoch Recruiting.  

What is C3 Dynamic Solutions?

C3 Dynamic Solutions is an online training, coaching, and consulting firm. They create and curate educational materials and products for eLearning platforms. They also maintain blogging sites such as Win at Being You. They have teamed up with Epoch Invigoration to create a valuable learning experience for the site members.